I feel like being this is my first blog post, that I should be real and share my journey into the cannabis culture with you ... all of you, whoever you are, wherever you are and if you are listening. I am beyond humbled that you choose to read it, share it and let it settle with you. It is my greatest intent for it to provide value and hopefully inspire you. 


I started out in retail at the age of sixteen, I helped open the first Hollister store in Hillsboro, Oregon just thirty minutes from the small town I grew up in. I loved the independence it gave me and one night after a ten hour day I went to my friend's house and smoked my first joint with someone I was dating at the time. I felt good, relaxed and all the feels you feel when you first smoke. Shortly after that I opened up to a friend about my experience, and she told me how WRONG I was and that smoking weed is WRONG. I said, "but why? it's natural and helps me to be calm." She insisted I never smoke again and that if I did or if I got caught I would go to jail.

So out of naive fear... I didn't. Fast forward to almost ten years later I was living outside of Seattle, Washington (I was never meant to live in the Northwest on its best days) I was diagnosed with severe anxiety. I did some research on anxiety and read that smoking pure strains of CBD have successfully been effective in people like me. Being that smoking recreationally was legally recognized in the state of Washington I went to a small boutique near my house call Mary Jane's. When I walked in I was fearful, nervous and told the budtender what I wanted and he handed it to me like I was buying groceries! I was immediately intrigued and continued to smoke privately, not telling many people of my "habit" for me it is my medicine.

Moving on, I had never been interested in finishing a formal education and bet solely on my street smarts by hustling my way through every job and career change I had without a degree. It lead me from becoming a store manager after ten years in retail and multiple attempts in college and no sign of an actual path to where I would go to finding hell in my head and heaven in other people who were so far beyond me in their careers. I got into HR management for a while and that just was a shit show in all reality, but I don't regret a second of it because it has brought me here. In between everything I always knew the landscape of my life would be creating the life I wanted by design. I started to think what it would be like to work in the cannabis industry. I took some courses to learn web design, development and business management (literally googled everything....everything- message me for resources) I worked for free, interned for bloggers like NotAnotherBlonde.com, utilized LinkedIn like my job lifeline depended on it and trust me I was a serial job dater. A woman messaged me randomly in between a design contract I had about working on her cannabis website and I immediately was overjoyed someone in the industry reached out to ME!

She hired me a few days later, one week before I finished my web design and development program through an accredited university. Something I never knew or thought I could accomplish. I still work for her and I have since then learned more about the cannabis industry than I can even imagine and am so lucky beyond lucky, humbled I have this incredible opportunity to bring awareness to the cannabis industry and build with others... Ox & Plow was created on an idea I always had and never knew existed. I birthed it one day in-between a four-year break-up in my tiny kitchen, after taking the push from a beautiful soul who I randomly wrote on Instagram and told her how she made my day and she inspired me, she messaged me right away and PUSHED me to follow my ideas and TRUST myself. 


And so I did.. it is incredible to me to be able to work in an industry where the support of other women is almost like a sisterhood. I have had the pleasure of meeting so many #GIRLBOSS babes and they are LIT AF, creatively inspiring kind, and the type women you see and wish you could be like. I only hope that I can inspire women in the cannabis industry and culture the way I have been inspired by them. 


*P.S. first potcast is coming sooooon*